SSI International 2021 Agenda

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Tuesday 9th November 2021 starting at 08:00 BST
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Mark Andrews, Conference Chair
Autonomous Transport & Delivery: LiDAR / Sonics / Digital Cameras
09:00 Enabling real-time LiDAR applications with 3D pre-processing
Presented by Raul Bravo - Outsight
09:20 All roads lead to advanced semiconductors materials or Driving Materials Technology
Presented by Mark Furlong - IQE
09:40 AI enabled sensor data analysis for autonomous vehicles
Presented by Manoj CR - Tata Consultancy Services
10:00 Design insights in the quest for viable automotive LiDAR
Presented by Gleb Akselrod - Lumotive
10:20 Above and beyond LiDAR – delivering an open full-stack sensing platform that drives open collaboration.
Presented by Heinz Oyrer - LeddarTech
10:40 Morning Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
11:05 Short-Wave Infrared Breaking the Status Quo - Identifying Hazards on the Road and Solving the Low Visibility Challenge
Presented by Ziv Livne - TriEye
11:25 Sunshine, tunnels, bridges – the state of the art of automotive vision in difficult lighting
Presented by Ronald Müller - Vision Markets
11:45 The new generation of MEMS LiDAR for autonomous transport
Presented by Florian Petit - Blickfeld
12:05 The race to a low-cost LIDAR system
Presented by Dexin Chen - IHS Markit
12:25 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
13:40 Edge Perception: the Fast Lane to Safety for AVs
14:00 Silicon Eats Industries, Lidar Is Next
Presented by Angus Pacala - Ouster
14:20 Photonics & Sensing – An automated assembly & test equipment manufacturer’s view
Presented by Moritz Seyfried - ficonTEC
14:40 Next Generation 3D Flash Lidar
Presented by Amr Eltaher - Hybrid LIDAR
15:00 Understanding LiDAR Requirements: Unpacking Resolution, Points per Second and Foveation
Presented by Warren Smith - Insight Lidar
LIDAR: Challenges and opportunities
Blickfeld, Lumotive, LeddarTech, and EPIC
15:50 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Harsh Environments: Space / Aviation & Aerospace / Subsurface & Extreme Heavy Industry
16:10 Developments in the high-end inertial sensor market for harsh environments
Presented by Dimitrios Damianos - Yole Développement
16:30 Nanoimprint Lithography for Optical Sensing – Because Size Matters
Presented by Martin Eibelhuber - EV Group
16:50 Extended temperature range Solid State Batteries for Industrial IoT
Presented by Denis Pasero - Ilika Technologies
17:10 Ultra-high efficiency photovoltaic energy harvesting for challenging environments
Presented by Mathieu Bellanger - Lightricity
17:30 Fibre Optic Sensing for Extreme Environments
Presented by Alex Tongue - Sensuron
Will Silicon Photonics, Compound Semiconductors or Hybrids Shape the Future of Harsh Environment Sensing?
18:20 Monitoring of environment and industries with mid-infrared photodetectors
Presented by Mateusz Żbik - VIGO System
18:40 Closing Remarks
18:45 Networking Drinks Reception
Wednesday 10th November 2021 starting at 08:00 BST
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Mark Andrews, Conference Chair
Edge Data Analytics: AI / Machine Learning / Big Data/Digital Prototyping
09:00 Cloud Engineering Simulation - A Game Changer for MEMS and Sensor Engineers
Presented by Ian Campbell - On-Scale
09:20 Software and AI boosting MEMS sensor technology for next generation IoT devices
Presented by Wolfgang Schmitt-Hahn - Bosch Sensortec
09:40 Harnessing data to bring ADAS to the mainstream
Presented by Dennis Hamann - Renovo
10:00 Sensors, Data and the IIoT journey to maturity
Presented by Alex West - IHS Markit
10:20 Morning Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Healthcare & Wellness: Wearables / Portables / Fixed Diagnostics
10:50 Digital Olfaction: The next innovation in wearable technology
Presented by Tristan Rousselle - Aryballe
11:10 Functional printing inks for smart sensor solutions
Presented by Inge van der Meulen - Henkel
11:30 Integrated Photonics: Enabler of disruptive innovation in Healthcare
Presented by Giuseppe Coppola - Photon Delta
11:50 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
13:55 Piezo film sensors for vital signs detection
Presented by Richard Brown - TE Connectivity
14:15 Next generation health devices: from wearables over invisibles to ingestibles
Presented by Nick Van Helleputte - IMEC
14:35 Programmable in-sensor AI computing
Presented by Simone Ferri - STMicroelectronics
14:55 Closing Remarks
Presentation times and order are subject to change. This agenda was last updated on 22 Sep 2021 at 6:37pm.