SSI International 2021 Agenda

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Monday 8th November 2021 starting at 14:00 CET
14:00 PIC Pilot Lines Conference (Click to view)
18:30 Pre-event Networking reception supported by IQE and EPIC. This is open to all delegates, speakers and sponsors of the PIC Pilot Lines, CS International, PIC International and Sensors International conference. Nibbles, drinks and refreshments will be provided.
Tuesday 9th November 2021 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Conference Chair
Autonomous Transport & Delivery: LiDAR / Sonics / Digital Cameras
09:00 Enabling real-time LiDAR applications with 3D pre-processing
Presented by Raul Bravo - Outsight
09:25 Design insights in the quest for ubiquitous lidar.
Presented by Axel Fuchs, Ph.D - Lumotive
09:50 Above and beyond LiDAR – delivering an open full-stack sensing platform that drives open collaboration.
Presented by Heinz Oyrer - LeddarTech
10:15 Addressable High-Performance Multi-Junction VCSEL Arrays for Advanced Sensing Applications
Presented by David Cheskis - Lumentum
10:40 Morning Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
11:10 Towards Ultra High Resolution 4D Pure Solid State Lidar – Automotive and Industry Aspects
Presented by Amr Eltaher - Hybrid LIDAR
11:35 Enabling Revolutionary Autonomy With Digital Lidar
Presented by Roman Katz - Ouster
12:00 Short-Wave Infrared Breaking the Status Quo - Identifying Hazards on the Road and Solving the Low Visibility Challenge
Presented by Ziv Livne - TriEye
12:25 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
13:25 Understanding LiDAR Requirements: Unpacking Resolution, Points per Second and Foveation
Presented by Warren Smith - Insight Lidar
13:50 Adaptability, Driven by AEye
Presented by Mrinal Sood - AEye
14:15 Integrated photonics sensing for automotive
Presented by Carol de Vries - PhotonDelta
14:40 Simplifying the LiDAR User Experience with SiPM Evaluation Kits and Reference Designs
Presented by Bahman Hadji - ON Semiconductor
LIDAR: Challenges and opportunities
Hybrid LIDAR, Lumotive, LeddarTech, EPIC, Ouster, and Insight Lidar
15:30 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Harsh Environments: Space / Aviation & Aerospace / Subsurface & Extreme Heavy Industry
16:15 Developments in the high-end inertial sensor market for harsh environments
Presented by Dimitrios Damianos - Yole Développement
16:40 Nanoimprint Lithography for Optical Sensing – Because Size Matters
Presented by Martin Eibelhuber - EV Group
17:05 Mid-infrared photodetectors in industrial and environmental monitoring
Presented by Mateusz Żbik - VIGO System
17:30 Rad-Hard by Design mixed signal ASIC’s and image sensors for space and harsh environments
Presented by Jan Vermeiren - Caeleste
17:55 Miniature Solid State Batteries for IIoT Perpetual Beacons
Presented by Denis Pasero - Ilika Technologies
18:20 Ultra-high efficiency photovoltaic energy harvesting for challenging environments
Presented by Dr Julien Campos - Lightricity
18:45 Closing Remarks
18:50 Networking Drinks / Dinner Reception
Wednesday 10th November 2021 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Conference Chair
Edge Data Analytics: AI / Machine Learning / Big Data/Digital Prototyping
09:00 Software and AI boosting MEMS sensor technology for next generation IoT devices
Presented by Wolfgang Schmitt-Hahn - Bosch Sensortec
09:30 AI sensors integrating with everyday life
Presented by Simone Ferri - STMicroelectronics
10:00 Customer Perspectives on IIoT-Sensors, Edge Processing, and Cloud
Presented by Ronald Müller - Vision Markets
10:30 Digital Prototyping Sensors using Cloud Engineering Simulation
Presented by Ian Campbell - On-Scale
10:55 Morning Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Healthcare & Wellness: Wearables / Portables / Fixed Diagnostics
11:35 Next generation health devices: from wearables over invisibles to ingestibles
Presented by Nick Van Helleputte - IMEC
12:05 Spectral sensing for mobile wellness and health applications
Presented by Jonathan Borremans - Spectricity
12:35 Recent developments in GaSb/Si technology platform for spectroscopic sensing applications
Presented by Augustinas Vizbaras - Brolis
13:05 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
14:20 Digital Olfaction: The next innovation in wearable technology
Presented by Tristan Rousselle - Aryballe
14:50 New Trends on Photonics Sensors and Cameras 2021
Presented by Jose Pozo - EPIC
15:20 Closing Remarks
Presentation times and order are subject to change. This agenda was last updated on 08 Dec 2021 at 5:15pm.