The 3rd SSI International conference built on the success of its predecessors (IoT International and High-End Sensors International), with industry-leading insiders delivering more than 25 presentations spanning seven sectors:

2019 Themes
  • Transport – ADAS, EV and autonomous vehicle platforms
  • IIoT – Leading industrial and consumer (IoT) strategies
  • Health – SoCs for diagnoses and wellbeing
  • Energy – Powering advanced systems
  • Flight – Aviation and aerospace frontiers
  • Imaging – Detection, identification and ranging
  • Data – Effective acquisition, access and analysis

Attendees at the two-day conference gained an up-to-date overview of the status of the global sensor industry, and had many opportunities to meet many other key players within the community.

The event was a success in every way. I was particularly happy with the setup where the conference room and commercial area were very close by. For me it was the best commercial tradeshow ever.
Erwin De Baetselier - Luceda Photonics
We were very pleased with the content and level of the conference, the level of attendees, and the networking.
Ignazio Piacentini - ficonTEC
I thought the conference was one of the best for any industry I have attended in terms of technical content, opportunities for networking, efficiency of organisation and smooth running, well done and hard to improve.